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About the Norfolk Civil Protection Volunteers

We are a friendly group of volunteers that have a depot in the Norfolk Market town of Aylsham. We meet regularly every Saturday morning to work on the equipment or on an event that is already booked into our diary. At any time the pager could sound and we will respond to the emergency as required.

The Civil Protection Volunteers were formed in the mid 1980’s with roots in the Civil Defence, Royal Observer Corps. Set up to help the local community out in the event of nuclear attack and were trained in the art of make do, self sufficiency, radiation observation and what to do after the bomb, but with the changing political map in Europe and America more emphasis was put on “Civil Protection” in times of Natural Disaster so we as a group have had to change the roles we carry out for the Emergency Services and Local Government.

With the introduction of the Civil Contingencies Act we again had to modify our thinking to ensure that we helped comply with the volunteer roles laid down by Central Government and so we continue to change whilst the needs change. Our main tasks are for the District Councils of North Norfolk and Broadland although this is under review so this could see more change

The first depot was opened in 1986 at Frettenham with a second Depot being established in North Walsham a few years later. These were amalgamated in 1999 with a move that saw us establishing the existing unit in Aylsham.

Originally the Volunteers were managed by the Emergency Planning Officer for Broadland and North Norfolk but just over four years ago the status of the group changed and we now are managed by a committee formed by the volunteers themselves.



Below you will see the people who are very active in the running of the organisation and are elected to posts of responsibility. It is their guidance and hard work that makes Norfolk Civil Protection Volunteers run smoothly.

Mark Sayers – Chairman
I joined CP in 2007 and was elected as Chairman in May 2011.

Helen Copperthwaite –Secretary
I joined only a few years ago and am still to some degree a beginner! I have worked with people, mostly children, all my life and was looking for more to do in retirement. NCPV performs a useful service to the community and is made up of people willing to give their time and commitment to others. I have learned new skills since joining and enjoy the camaraderie of working with others to a common good.

Chris Marshall – Treasurer

Rosemary Warren - Catering Manager

Roger Carnell – Depot Manager/Pre-planned Events Organiser
I joined CP in 2003.


“Norfolk Constabulary relies on the support of Norfolk Civil Protection Volunteers (NCPV) to provide staff, equipment and logistical support to the emergency services for training, during emergencies and especially at times of local community need.

A call to the NCPV comes with the confidence that an enthusiastic team of volunteers will respond, often at short notice and in difficult environments, to bring equipped and trained resources with the capability to assist with emergency operations. Most important is the welfare support they bring, in the form of food, shelter and rest facilities for all the services involved. NCP volunteers reflect community spirit in Norfolk and I would encourage you to consider ‘making a difference’.”

Inspector Sarah White
Specialist Operations
Norfolk Constabulary

“The Civil Protection Volunteers have for many years provided invaluable support to the Emergency Services and Local Authorities in their ability to respond to emergencies, by providing personnel who give up their free time to assist with training events and exercises that are so necessary to ensure that the County is prepared to respond to any type of incident.

Their enthusiastic support to the community is much appreciated and supports the wish of Norfolk to be prepared for any possible emergency within the County.

It has been my pleasure to work with such a committed group of Volunteers and I look forward to a continued relationship with the group. I am aware that the group is engaged in developing their capability, to provide more support to communities.”

John Ellis
Head of Emergency Planning
Norfolk County Council

“From an Emergency Planning and responding perspective the Civil Protection Volunteers have provided support to Emergency Services, Local Authorities and the community alike. All members have a ‘can do’ attitude second to none and as a team they support a more resilient and safer Norfolk. Their catering and shelter facilities have been extremely useful in both exercising and training events across the County.

Volunteers are an invaluable resource in Norfolk and I would encourage anyone who is considering giving up some of their time to get in touch with this worthy organisation.”

Roger Cannon
Emergency Planning Manager
Broadland District Council

“For many years Norfolk Fire Service has called upon the fire-ground feeding services provided by the NCP Volunteers. On request, they have attended a wide range of significant fires within the County and have provided much appreciated hot and cold refreshments to our operational personnel. In addition, their feeding and shelter facilities have also been of great benefit to attendees during inter-agency exercises and training sessions.”

Michael Hawkins
Brigade Emergency Planning Officer
Norfolk Fire Service

“Norfolk Civil Protection Volunteers provide a ready resource of manpower and equipment to North Norfolk District Council, able to support the local authorities in the event of an incident, or in our preparation for such an incident. They help with exercise support, flood awareness and community resilience education. In response they can be used to support District-appointed Rest Centre Managers when directed.”

Ace Dann
Civil Contingencies Manager
North Norfolk District Council

Chief Constables Certificate of Commendation awarded to Norfolk Civil Protection Volunteers –

‘for the support your organization provided to the Norfolk Constabulary during missing person searches. The dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism of its’ members is recognized as an enormous asset to Norfolk.’

Ian McPherson
Chief Constable

Certificate of Good Work Recognition awarded to Norfolk Civil Protection Volunteers –

‘for the invaluable assistance provided to Norfolk Constabulary during a protracted search operation following a fatal air incident involving a military aircraft over Egmere, North Norfolk on 14th November, 2007.’

Ian McPherson
Chief Constable

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