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Get Involved with the Norfolk Civil Protection Volunteers

John Long
"I joined the Civil Protection volunteers in 1989 because it was a local group and I could use my skills acquired  over a number of years. NCPV group has always changed to provide whatever service the community requires.

I believe in voluntary groups which are an asset to their local area and must be supported."


You will be given the appropriate training for all of the areas you wish to become involved in. This is entirely your choice. Some of the training is provided by our members, but, for example, First Aid and Food Hygiene is done by outside organisations.

Examples of the training provided:

  • Search and Rescue Procedures - basic and advanced training in search techniques, in partnership with Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue.
  • Radio Procedures - learn how to communicate effectively using VHF radios to relay messages between teams and the control unit.
  • First Aid Training.
  • Map Reading – know how not to get lost in Norfolk!
  • Driver Training – we have heavy and light vehicles for use in our response; extra drivers are always welcome and informal training is provided by experienced volunteers.
  • Field Catering – learn how to provide hot meals and drinks anywhere in Norfolk.

Training is always very useful. In addition, exercises allow you and us to assess its effectiveness. We are involved in both our own exercises and those of other organisations to provide a more co-ordinated response to an emergency.

All this training sounds as if it will take up a lot of time! There is no formal commitment – just give as much or as little time as you are able to give. Our work is purely voluntary for the benefit of the community, and any help that can be given is greatly appreciated. Nothing is compulsory.


Below is our Application Form. We ask for the names of two people who can give you references. Once you have been accepted there will be a short probation period and uniform will be provided. If you wish to work with Norfolk Police (on Search and Rescue) we ask you to fill in the Police Check Form.

Application Form   Police Check Form


We provide you with the following:

  • Polo shirt
  • T shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Fleece
  • High visibility waistcoat
  • High visibility lined coat
  • High visibility unlined coat
  • Baseball cap

You will need trousers (black or navy) and a pair of boots. If you are interested in joining our Search and Rescue Team you will need a few more items. We will tell you about that as part of the training.

Mike Sothcott

"I joined Civil Protection (Its previous title) in September 2002, having just taken early retirement and moved to Norfolk. I am an engineer, having served my apprenticeship as an Artificer in the Royal Navy, after a long career in the forces, I found that I missed working with my hands and wanted to get back to doing so. I first encountered Civil Protection at the Aylsham show, being new to the area I was looking for an organisation to join where I could use my time and various skills to the good of the local community on a voluntary basis. This I have been able to do having attended many callouts, particularly Searching for missing people, feeding the Police or Fire Service, also exercise roll play, as well as maintaining much of our equipment.

When I joined we were guided by the Emergency Planning Officer for both North Norfolk and Broadland, when he retired we formed a committee in order to continue to function and also changed our title to Norfolk Civil Protection Volunteers in order to distinguish ourselves from other organisations with similar titles. I became a member of the newly formed committee and took on the role of Training Officer which position I currently continue to hold. Since that time I have set up a new and more visible training structure, which I have recently introduced to the members."


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